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Tim Hortons everywhere. Drive a mile, Tim Hortons will be there. Down the block, Tim Hortons. Every single exit of every highway, Tim Hortons is there.

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me too thanks

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If this gets 10,000 upboats, I'll get a tattoo of the top comment.

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I'm telling you what I think, you lie so god damn much, I'm just saying the things a prosecuting attorney would say.

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Sonic's sidekick, Miles Prower = miles per hour

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That I had a sticker that said
on the back of my Levi's.

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I would save Tsar Alexander II. I think more than any one figure this would change the course of western history.
Alexander II was a reformist who was assassinated 48 hours before he could announce his plan to introduce an elected parliament to the Russian Empire. His successor was a hardline reactionary who scaled back his reforms and opposed any movements for popular rights.
Russia making a peaceful transition to a constitutional monarchy and presumably revolution would have rippling effects. With him possibly no World War II, and no Cold War. The political landscape of the entire globe would be completely different.

[–]TheNewGuyAgain [score hidden]

I was on a first date and towards the end we headed to a bar. Her ex happened to be there and when he saw us together he quickly left. A few minutes later, she gets a text from her ex. She then asked me if I minded if she went over her ex's place to hook up with him. I would say that's something you shouldn't do on a first date.

[–]spiderman_superfan [score hidden]

Kill yourself

[–]VanillaCC [score hidden]

Talk about only yourself the entire time.
Interrupt your date to talk about yourself the entire time.
Hit on the wait staff.
Watch the games if there are tvs around and ignore your date.
Get up from the table mid dinner, go outside and make phone calls and smoke for 30+ minutes.
Be irritated that your date shows disapproval with all of the above, start complaining about the date before the check comes.
Text your date afterwards and say you had a great time (WUT?!) And then get mad when you ask if she'd like to go out again, and she says no.
Call your date a bitch for denying a second date. Tell her all women are just needy bitches.
Thanks for the setup mom. Never again.

[–]Tampaburn [score hidden]

The dad of a buddy of mine, dude worked a 9-5 until the day his youngest kid turn 18 and then went full hippie. He has no money, is constantly on facebook saying shit like "Oh wow, that trip looks fun. Wish I could go" Or if someone post a pic of their pet? "If we had more money we could've saved our dear old bessie"
So, he gets the fancy idea to start a GoFundMe with the title "We need your support to survive"(something like that). Posts it on his facebook 5-10 times a day...after 2 days and like $37.50 in funds he starts to message the link to everyone. " Did you see the link? Are you going to support?" It started...It finished with comments on peoples pictures. "Oh, you seem to have enough money for a night out...wish some of that money would find its way into my GoFundMe!"

[–]PaytheDevil [score hidden]

Almost Taken - Liam Neeson's daughter hides somewhere better than under the bed, kidnappers don't have time to look for her so decide to leave.

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Feeling super insecure about people watching what I'm doing. I'm like that.

[–]The_red_one_sucks [score hidden]

Same here. I don't want to stay in my office because I'm liable to be interrupted by my boss wanting something, a coworker stopping to shoot the shit, or an admin complaining about something.
At the coffee shop I can put on headphones without appearing rude, catch up on emails, and give whatever I'm working on my complete attention for a set amount of time.
And occasionally I'll sit here, sip my coffee, and type these responses on reddit because the meeting I'm going to is pointless and I don't need to prepare anything for it. But I can get out of the office for a bit.

[–]mistab777 [score hidden]

One time in a barbeque place a guy ahead of me in line was raising a fuss because he didn't want any brisket with any pink on it. For those who don't know, properly smoked brisket will have a pink ring. It's not raw. The poor girl at the register could not explain this well enough for this idiot.