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[–]Censordoll [score hidden]

I'm proud of myself for finding my current bf through friendship instead of actually looking for companionship.
He was a new student at the college I go to. It's a small school so naturally I'd see him around. When we finally got to talking about the program and why he's here, we started hanging out. Went to the beach, out to lunch at times, and so on.
Finally on a Friday he asked me if I wanted to go have a beer with him. And next thing I knew, I wake up in bed with this gorgeous man whom I never dreamed I'd have even the slightest of chances with.
I know it sounds kind of like "he took advantage of me" but the truth is, I told him I wanted him just as a friend because he's a very handsome man with charismatic behavior. The school we attend is 90% women. I singled myself out and basically said to myself "well, if this guy is way out of my league, the least I can look forward to is being his friend until he finds himself a gf"
When we were drinking I remember us sharing stories about why we're in that school and about our own purposes and lives. At some point I didn't realize how close to each other we had gotten until I hugged him and kissed him on the cheek.
He took that as his own opportunity to kiss me on the lips and the rest is history.
Even though this happened only a few months ago, he's been nothing but love and fun. I always tell him he's beautiful and I'm proud of myself for being myself. Because if it weren't for me just being me, he would have never taken interest. :,) It's awesome to know that for once, someone wanted me instead of the other way around.

[–]videochros [score hidden]

Apple should include a "other people can hear your shitty ass music, at this volume" warning, rather than the danger warning.

[–][deleted] [score hidden]

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You're right, that is the entire alphabet.

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[–]snplbpo [score hidden]

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[–]timmy6169 [score hidden]

Tim Hortons everywhere. Drive a mile, Tim Hortons will be there. Down the block, Tim Hortons. Every single exit of every highway, Tim Hortons is there.

[–]me_irl [score hidden]

me too thanks

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[–]jackrabbitall [score hidden]

If this gets 10,000 upboats, I'll get a tattoo of the top comment.

[–]eddiebravo [score hidden]

I'm telling you what I think, you lie so god damn much, I'm just saying the things a prosecuting attorney would say.

[–]Avatar_ZW [score hidden]

Sonic's sidekick, Miles Prower = miles per hour

[–]Badmotorfinglonger [score hidden]

That I had a sticker that said
on the back of my Levi's.

[–]Anonymous [score hidden]

I would save Tsar Alexander II. I think more than any one figure this would change the course of western history.
Alexander II was a reformist who was assassinated 48 hours before he could announce his plan to introduce an elected parliament to the Russian Empire. His successor was a hardline reactionary who scaled back his reforms and opposed any movements for popular rights.
Russia making a peaceful transition to a constitutional monarchy and presumably revolution would have rippling effects. With him possibly no World War II, and no Cold War. The political landscape of the entire globe would be completely different.

[–]TheNewGuyAgain [score hidden]

I was on a first date and towards the end we headed to a bar. Her ex happened to be there and when he saw us together he quickly left. A few minutes later, she gets a text from her ex. She then asked me if I minded if she went over her ex's place to hook up with him. I would say that's something you shouldn't do on a first date.